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May Health is your mental health home. May Health is a private mental health clinic that provides a comprehensive range of mental health assessment, education, and intervention services. Our values of Clarity, Integrity, and Courage permeate our approach and we are committed to providing genuine value.

At May Health we take mental health seriously. We appreciate the time and space required for insight, understanding, symptom reduction and management, and to live life more fully, freely, and in line with your values and goals.

May Health is composed of five divisions that work independently and collaboratively as required to meet your mental health needs. These divisions are:

  • May Medical
  • May Psychology
  • May Assessment
  • May Education & Training
  • May Digital

The May Health team consists of medical specialists and allied health professionals who are experts in mental health. Your May Health clinicians are dedicated to the highest standards of clinical excellence, professional development, evidence-based practice, and practice-based evidence. We service all ages, from perinatal, to the elderly, and in between.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, view our content, and learn a little bit about who we are, our services, and our vision for better mental health care.