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Child Psychology

Child & Family Psychology

May Psychology recognises that ordinary and extra-ordinary challenges face children and their families and has dedicated clinicians with expertise in Child Development. Our child-focused clinicians provide mental health support and intervention services that consider your circumstances and needs.

A mental health need can arise at any point in the formative years. Our multidisciplinary approach to the psychological wellbeing of children and families allows our medical and allied health clinicians to assist independently and collaboratively as required.

Early Years Psychology

The perinatal and infant years are as exciting as they are challenging. May Psychology is here to support and guide expectant parents as they transition into parenthood, and new parents as they establish themselves into their new roles and routines.

May Psychology can assist with the bonding and nurturing between parents and their babies with a view to establishing a trusting and secure attachment relationship.

If any developmental concerns arise for your infant, or you suspect yourself to be at risk of or experiencing post-natal depression, referral can be made to our assessment and medical divisions for evaluation and intervention as needed.

May Health also provides comprehensive Developmental Assessments for infants and children. Please see the Assessment page of this website for further information.

Child Psychology

Children are exposed to increasing opportunities and challenges as they venture outside of the family and enter schooling, establish friendships, and have their own initiatives and growing sense of autonomy.

May Psychologists understand this important stage of development and are here to facilitate the emotional, social, academic, and behavioral wellbeing of children.

Parents may notice some of the common signs of mental health concern at this stage of development, such as persistent anxiety, phobias, or sadness, withdrawal from usual activities, or poor academic performance or social difficulties. Drastic changes in mood or behavior can be a sign that assistance from a trained professional is indicated.

May Psychologists work with children, their families, and networks, to provide support, education, and evidence-based intervention, to promote their mental health and wellbeing. This includes supporting parents with parenting strategies and related advice.

Sometimes, formal assessment will be required, and we are equipped at May Health to provide the common comprehensive assessments at this age. These include Psychoeducational Assessment for those with learning concerns, and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment for those with more pervasive developmental difficulties. Please view our Assessment page on this website for more detailed information.

Adolescent & Young Adult Psychology

The adolescent years can be naturally tumultuous for teenagers and their families. It is a time of enormous growth, identity exploration, social connectedness, and further independence from the family. May Psychology is here to support and guide adolescents, parents, their families, and networks, through this rewarding and challenging stage of life.

Adolescence experience increased pressures in their personal, social, and academic lives, as they discover and determine who they are, who they wish to be, and establish themselves in their friendships, intimate relationships, and future study or career pathways.

Common psychological and mental health experiences and concerns that arise in the adolescent years are anxiety, depression, exploration of sexuality and identity, eating disorders, longstanding and new academic difficulties, and tensions in family relations.

May Psychologists are here to work exclusively with adolescents or collaboratively their families and networks to provide education, guidance, and evidenced based intervention if needed, with a view to manage and reduce symptoms, encourage personal insight, and facilitate the transition from adolescence into young adulthood.

May Health is equipped to provide medical support (see May Medical page) and a suite of formal assessments (see May Assessment page) if indicated. Please see the relevant pages of this website for further information.