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May Psychology is committed to providing high quality mental health assessment and intervention services as appropriate for most psychological concerns. We work with individuals, couples and families, across all ages of the lifespan, i.e., perinatal, birth, child, adolescent, adult and elderly.

Our approach includes structured and time-limited interventions aimed at symptom reduction and management, as well as more flexible, longer-term, insight-oriented psychotherapies where the goal is self-awareness, understanding and personal growth. Your May Psychology clinician will help you to determine the right fit for your needs.

  • Clinical Psychology

    The clinicians in the May Psychology division provide structured and evidenced-based interventions for common mental health presentations.
  • Psychology for Everyday Life

    Psychotherapy is not only for those with a clinical disorder or more serious disturbances. While it is an effective treatment for mental health concerns, psychotherapy is also useful when applied to our everyday problems and curiosities.
  • Child Psychology

    May Psychology recognises that ordinary and extra-ordinary challenges face children and their families and has dedicated clinicians with expertise in Child Development.
  • Getting Started

    If you would like to access May Psychology please contact our friendly administration support staff by visiting the contact page on this website.