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May Digital creates and leverages technology to amplify our impact, and extend our reach.

While there's no substitute for a clinician's experience, expertise, and the human connection they have with their patients, technology can play an important role in augmenting and extending the provision of care.

May Digital is comprised of three sub-pillars: Patient & Customer Experience, Operations, and Consulting.

Patient & Customer Experience

May Digital builds new technology, or leverages existing technology, to improve the patient & customer experiences as they span horizontally across other parts of the company: Medical, Psychology, Assessment, and Education & Training.

To improve the experience means things like: more effectively solving user pain points; improving clinical outcomes; or even saving time.

Another example of improving the patient experience involves creating new software that solves an unmet need, or extends care to a previously underserved patient group. In this respect, May Digital will incubate and develop new digital products.

Currently, the team is working on an app to help people manage social anxiety. As smartphones continue to proliferate, becoming cheaper and more accessible, digital products allow more people to access mental health support than ever before.

Technology will play a different but equally important role in each of these divisions. It will improve our efficiency, our effectiveness, and the experience of our patients, customers, and clinicians.


Operations focuses on improving operational efficiency. This increase the amount of time we can spend with patients, and reduces the amount of time spent on administrative work.

There may be some overlap with Patient Experience here - as improved operational efficiency can also save the time of our patients & customers.

For example, the administration of assessments lends itself well to a technical solution. By automating routine tasks we can preserve the time and expertise of clinicians so they can focus on the highest impact, patient-facing tasks.


May Digital has limited availability for health technology consulting. Our California-based team has experience working with companies like Kaiser Permanente, Omada Health, Collective Health, and many more - from startups to FAANG. We have deep experience in product design, software development, and user experience research. We collaborate closely with May's other divisions, and can bring a unique & specialised lens to health tech projects.