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May Medical is here if you, or someone you know, needs to talk about mental health.

It can take the average person a decade or more to seek assistance for their mental health. The barriers to seeking assistance can be personal, environmental or both, and so May Medical aims to reduce or simply soften these barriers in small, but meaningful ways.

May Medical is a specialised General Practice service focused exclusively on mental health, with General Practitioners that have a special interest in mental health and have completed additional professional qualifications in the field. Thoughtfully created spaces and generous appointment times are standard at May Medical, to help ensure that you experience a meaningful mental health consultation.

The range of services available at May Medical include:

  • Initial and ongoing mental health consultations (including organisation of referral for ADHD assessment and post-assessment management)
  • Creation and review of mental health treatment plans
  • Prescribing medication (including ADHD medications)
  • Focused Psychological Strategies
  • Referrals, including to May Psychology, or to external mental health professionals

May Medical will listen carefully to your mental health experience, complete a comprehensive evaluation, and tailor a plan to your needs. Our GPs are familiar with all high prevalence mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma and stress, in addition to having a specialisation in perinatal mental health and ADHD.

May Medical GPs specialise in mental health

May Medical has been created to provide a uniquely sensitive, comprehensive and consistent mental health review, intervention and referral service. We are driven by a commitment to bring clarity, integrity and courage to mental health services.

GPs at May Medical provide a range of supports, such as performing patient intakes, writing and reviewing mental health treatment plans, and prescribing medications. Our GPs also have Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) accreditation and more, enabling them to deliver selected talk therapies themselves.

What makes the May Medical approach to mental health different?

May Medical GPs are trained in FPS and our practice is focussed on the provision of mental health services. We have a robust internal referral network that is readily accessible by both patients and general practitioners, and can provide a high level of mental health care directly, or refer you to a member of the May Psychology or elsewhere if required.

Our model is designed to support you to establish ongoing relationships with an entire team of mental health professionals, with a view to providing more personalised care.