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Psychology for Everyday Life

Psychotherapy is not only for those with a clinical disorder or more serious disturbances. While it is an effective treatment for mental health concerns, psychotherapy is also useful when applied to our everyday problems and curiosities. At May Psychology, we believe the only qualification you need to enter therapy is to be curious about yourself and the world that you live in.

The experiences of everyday life are many and varied. It might be that you are experiencing interpersonal or family troubles, considering a change of career, or wondering why you appear to find yourself in the same situations over and over again. It could also be that you want to improve your relationships, are grieving, anxious, stressed, or simply interested in or concerned about certain parts of your personality. Whatever it is that you are going through, we are here to listen, understand, and help you on your way.

May Psychology has highly qualified clinicians who are willing and able to assist you on your journey through life. Talking through your problems or wonderings with a trained professional can lead to greater insight and the identification of potential areas for development.

The ultimate aim of psychotherapy is to encourage self-knowledge and understanding, and to live life with more confidence and more personal freedom. This work is facilitated at May Psychology in an environment that is confidential, non-judgemental and, essentially, kind and supportive.