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Referral to May Assessment

The diagnosticians that comprise the Assessment division of May Health are highly qualified, appropriately trained, and experienced in the discipline. The assessments on offer are conducted to the highest of scientific standards with an emphasis upon differential diagnosis. The findings of our assessments are communicated clearly, in person, and via clear and concise report, complete with meaningful conceptualisation, and pragmatic recommendations.

May Assessment offer the following formal assessments:

  • Developmental Assessment (0 to 6 years of age)
  • Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (children and adults)
  • Psychoeducational Assessment (children and adults)

Referral to May Assessment is most often received from medical, allied health, and education professionals. Self-referral is also quite common, by parents for their infants and children, or adults who are curious about certain aspects of themselves and those they care for. Please see the Assessment page of this website for detailed information on each of our assessments or call our administrative team for general enquiries.