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Referral to May Psychology

May Psychology consists of highly qualified, focused, and experienced mental health professionals. The clinicians in May Psychology provide evidenced-based mental health support, education, and intervention for individuals, couples, and families, across the lifespan.

Referral is most often received at May Psychology from medical specialists, such as General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, and Pediatricians, for mental health opinion and management of their patients. In such instances, it is common for patients to be referred under a mental health treatment plan, enabling the patient to receive a rebate for the services they receive.

May Psychology also commonly receives referral from allied health professionals, teachers, parents, and the self-referred. In these instances, the referring entity or the prospective patient can simply contact our administration team directly, to make enquiries, or if their May Health division and clinician is known, to book an appointment.

At May Psychology we work hard to establish and maintain our referral networks. As a referrer to our team of clinicians, you can expect clear, meaningful, and timely communication that adheres to the expectations of the profession, the referral requirements, and insurance conditions.

A reminder that most patients who visit May Psychology will be eligible for a rebate for the services they receive. The most common are from Medicare, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and Private Health Insurance. Please note that May Psychology clinicians do not offer bulk-billing services.