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Referral to May Medical

May Medical consists of specialist mental health General Practitioners. The clinicians in this division have completed further education in mental health and are accredited to deliver focused psychological strategies. May Medical was established in response to the overwhelming need for increased and improved mental health service provision in our nation.

The General Practitioners in May Medical can be thought of as a complement and extension to ordinary general practice, focused exclusively on mental health. The clinicians in May Medical provide long appointment times as a standard, in an environment that has been thoughtfully designed for mental health care. May Medical are experts in mental health.

May Medical can receive referral for mental health work-up, that is formulation, diagnosis, and intervention planning. This includes the creation or review of mental health treatment plans, and the facilitation of medical and allied health assessment and intervention. May Medical may be a helpful referral destination for medical practitioners who are themselves at capacity with the demands of mental health service provision in their practice.

The clinicians at May Medical can also provide direct psychological intervention themselves. May Medical can receive referral for the provision of focused psychological strategies for common mental health presentations, such as anxiety, depression, and the ordinary stressors of life. The interventions provided include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation and general mental health support as needed.

May Medical is situated within a mental health service, and therefore well supported by other mental health professionals, for shared care, and in-house referral as appropriate.